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13 hours of sleep and a thai massage

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Can't beat that huh! We are definitely recovering from jetlag...we thought we were doing really well until we had a short nap yesterday and woke up 13 hours later (minus a few wake ups!)...i guess our bodies really needed it! We officially became tourists today as we visited the temples and saw the longest Buddha in Thailand. We had a fabulous thai massage for only 6 dollars! life is great here and Ted found that his body bends in many new ways! We are heading out of Bangkok (where we found a great little hotel) to Ko Tao tomorrow...let the beach living begin!!

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Pack size isn't everything...

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Hello all, this is Ted speaking for the first time on this blog. As Jen mentioned earlier, my pack is smaller than hers so I cannot carry all the heavy items I planned on buying. Who's smarter now???

We managed to catch a direct flight to Vancouver this am so we are killing time at the airport. It has been a good afternoon of not discussing spreadsheets of things we have to do before the trip. Instead, we are desperately seeking mosquito repellent and surprisingly enough, Vancouver aiport has none. No wonder they don't think of themselves as part of Canada. Next stop, ASIA!!

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16 hours til departure!

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The bags are packed and ready to go! (well almost) we need to repack the bags because we have overpacked and are bursting at the seams. I have a bigger pack than Ted and so i can pack more in but his ego is a bit hurt by the fact that he isn't carrying the heavy load! We spent last night planning a wedding party (it really only takes an hour). We are getting excited, although i do need to admit that i shed a few tears about giving away Hobbes (our dearly beloved furball). My mom is taking us to the airport tomorrow. Our flight schedule is: Calgary-Vancouver-Hong Kong- Bangkok. We have our first night of accomodation booked and then we'll head to the beaches. We don't have many plans for the first week so that will be nice (it will give us time to learn a new language and figure out what we want to do). So hopefully we can find an internet cafe in the next few days in between eating pad thai, drinking thai beer and laying on thai beaches! All the best and we'll post more soon! caio!

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Recovering from the wedding

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Christmas is done, the wedding is done and so is New Years! The holidays were wonderful, especially the wedding. We had beautiful weather (hoar frost on the trees in the sunshine), great times, wonderful pictures and the wild life was everywhere (not just Ted! - we also saw elk, skunks and even an american!). One of the highilights was taking pictures outside (in our snowshows). The next day we celebrated New Years hanging out in the hot tub, drinking champagne (we barely made it to midnight though). We thought we'd try and attach a few pictures of the nups!! Can't wait for the big camping celebration party in the summer! Only 6 sleeps to go!

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Getting Closer

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Well, the time is flowing and we are checking more things off our list. It is a busy time but all we have left is....Christmas, Wedding, packing up our house and finally flying off! The countdown has begun, it is only 20 days to go! We are excited to start blogging and share our great Honeymoon with all of our friends.

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